How to install java jdk and java jre and set path in windows with pictures step by step

Java is very essential today java is used everywhere in daily used machine to secure software programs.  Java is a object oriented language for more detail you can Click here to know more.

See below steps to Download,install and configure java jdk and jre in windows.

Step-1 Firstly install latest version of jdk and jre from the official site of oracle i.e. Click here

Step-2 Click on jdk if your system is 32 bit download 32 bit jdk or if your system is 64 bit to download jdk 64 bit.

Step-3 Now, check the option to Accept License Agreement, and select the jdk version for windows.

download java jdk version 9.0.1 for Windows

Step-4 Now after the completion of download run the exe file and perform all the steps.

Step-5 Select the destination folder for JRE.

Step-6 After the installation a folder named JAVA will be created in C:\Program File.

How To install JAVA JRE

Step-7 : Click on Download to download jre.

Step-8 Now, check the option to Accept License Agreement, and select the jre version for windows.

download java jre version 9.0.1 for Windows

Step-9 Now after the completion of download extract the jre zip file and install it.

How To Set of JAVA JDK and JRE Path in Windows

Step-10 Go to  System Properties and set the Environment variables.

Step-11 In User Variables click NEW create a new variable.

variable name- JAVA_HOME value- C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_131


set java home path in windows

Step 12 Now set the System Variables by adding jdk and jre path in the existing variable PATH. Click on Path variable and then click on New and then add jdk and jre path.

jdk path- C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_131

jre path- C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.8.0_131

and click OK.

Set environment variable java jdk and jre path in windows


Step-13 Now run the command prompt to check whether we have successfully installed jdk and jre .

To check, write java –version in command prompt.

Check jdk and jre version in command prompt windows
Check jdk and jre version in command prompt

We hope you found this article helpful.