Katalon Studio for Web Testing

Katalon Studio is basically an open source automation solution which has altered the use of other automation frameworks like Selenium and Appium. It basically removes their technical complexities which is suitable for both developers and QA to quickly automate their tests.
Java, Groovy and JavaScript scripting languages can be used in the Katalon Tool.

Before using Katalon firstly you have to install Java in your system. You must download Jdk and Jre in your system. To do so please follow the link

To use Katalon follow the below steps-

Step-1 Download the Katalon Studio from the following link and install it in your system.

Step-2 Now to use the Katalon studio all the preferred browsers should be installed in your system and Katalon Automation Recorder extension should also be added to your browser to capture objects in Active Browsers.

Step-3 In next step we will activate our Katalon Account either by Signing In or by Signing up.

Step-4 A new window will open which will give option to create a new project or to open the sample project.

Step-5 In the next step we will create a test case by right clicking on the Test Cases >> New >> Test Case and then enter the name of the Test Case.

Step-6 Now click on Record Web Option to record the test and enter the url. Click on the browser icon to open the automated browser window.

Step-7 After recording your flow to test when you will click on OK button then Object Repository window gets opened then Add Element to Object Repository and click on OK button.

Step-8 A new window named Test Case Editor in Manual mode is opened. Except manual mode there are other tabs like Script Mode, Variables is also present.

In Manual Tab user can create the test case just by using the Web UI keywords. No programming skill is required in Manual Tab.

Next tab is the Script Tab,  in this tab user can write test scripts either by using Groovy or Java.

In Variable Tab we define all the variables which we are using locally in a test case. We can also define global variables by defining them in Profile >> defaults.

Step-9 On clicking Run icon we can run the scripts and we can view the progress of our executing test case in the Job Progress Viewer.

Apart from Job Progress Viewer Console View, Log Viewer and Problems View is also shown in the bottom of the screen.

Problem View basically shows the errors and warning message which occurs while creating the test case.

Console View shows all the logs and output of executing test cases.

Log Viewer shows the real time logs of executing test cases.

Test Suite- It is a collection of test cases which is used to test certain conditions of an application.

You can add the test case by multiple ways i.e. either you can drag and drop the Test case or you can simply Add it by clicking on Add Test Case.

Report View- In Report View you can view the report of executed test suite. Detailed information like start time, end time, elapsed time, pass/fail of the test case is shown.