Capture json or http request by proxy and edit request and sent to server by burp suite.

Burp suite is penetration testing great tool that provides functionality to capture live request by proxy and live to scan and crawling a website and find SQL injection, XSS, etc security vulnerability. We will see the basic use of burp suite proxy and repeater.

See  below video for more detail..

Step1 Start your burp suite.

Step2 Set proxy url means localhost to browser proxy server and set port default is 8080.

Step3 By Default intercept tab is active, intercept stop the request for burp suite that requests sent from the browser and if you want to update any data in fly and forward it. But now we don’t have a use for this so disable it.

Step4 see our recorded request from in proxy > HTTP proxy we can see the recorded script.

Step5 select the request and Right click on the request and send to the repeater. A request will show you in repeater section that will highlight go to repeater section and edit parameter that you want to update in request according to your requirement and sent. next showing the response box there you can see the request response. if it’s got SQL error it will show in response.

I hope you will know how to use burp suite proxy and repeater.